chris hinds.

React Suspense, The suspense is killing me!

Chris Hinds

We know that components and top-down data flow help us organize a large UI into small, independent, reusable pieces. However, we often can’t break complex components down any further because the logic is stateful and can’t be extracted to a function or another component. Sometimes that’s what people mean when they say React doesn’t let them “separate concerns.”

These cases are very common and include animations, form handling, connecting to external data sources, and many other things we want to do from our components. When we try to solve these use cases with components alone, we usually end up with:

  • Huge components that are hard to refactor and test.
  • Duplicated logic between different components and lifecycle methods.
  • Complex patterns like render props and higher-order components.

We think Hooks are our best shot at solving all of these problems. Hooks let us organize the logic inside a component into reusable isolated units: