chris hinds.

about me.

Who am I?

After completeing a degree in Advanced Computer Networks and Security at Boutnemouth University, I joined the BBC on their software engineering graduate scheme.

During the graduate scheme I worked across multiple teams ranging from Broadcast Engineering to an internal content management system before entually landing in the BBC News WorldService team.

Working with BBC News has given me the opportunity to develop on and deploy multiple websites that are used by hundreds of millions of people every week, all over the world with content being published in over 40 different languages.


Software Engineer for BBC News @ British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Graduate Software Engineer @ British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Freelance Web designer/Developer @ Pixel-FX
Advanced Networks & Security @ Bournemouth University
IT Enginner & Windows Deployment Technician @ National Oceanography Centre
Computing @ Bournemouth University

What I do

I currently work for BBC News, specifically the WorldService team who build and maintains the 41 BBC News Language sites, from BBC Mundo to BBC Pidgin

Over the past two years I have been a key member of the team, helping to launch 12 new language sites around the world as well as building AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for all of BBC News and BBC Sport

What else?

  • Involved in moving the BBC news estate to HTTPS
  • Contionously working to help improve web performance
  • Working to support a vast array of older and new devices and browsers for our users in emerging markets
  • Building soloutions to help track web performace and see where it could be improved
  • Developing soloutions for problem alerting and notifications
  • DevOps, helping to support our infrastructure and Build & Deployment pipelines

Software and Technologies

I have worked on/developed many small and large scale projects using but not limited to; JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, Ruby, ReactNative, Angular, Express>

I have a keen interest in web performance and serverless technologies. I am continually looking to improve the performance of websites that I work with, using tools such as lighthouse and the browser API to leverage metrics and reccomendations.

Serverless technologies have always kept me on my toes, thinking of new way's to improve existing projects and generate ideas for new projects, with the use of AWS and Googles cloud platform the technologies are right at your fingertips. (Psssst... they generally include a free tier too, so whats stopping you!)